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Does Anthony Bourdain Ever Stop Traveling?

July 28, 2011 at 10:49 AM | by | ()

Andrew Zimmern & Bourdain at a Travel Channel shindig

...The short answer is no. The long answer is yes, for vacation and appearances and parties like the one at which we interviewed him, but when Anthony Bourdain is on the go, he's like an Energizer Bunny. City to bustling city, restaurant to street market food stall...you know how his usual No Reservations show goes. Now the Travel Channel is speeding him up even faster, in a new show simply called The Layover.

Eater National has the juicy details:

No Reservations production company Zero Point Zero is producing the ten-episode, one-hour weekly series. Last month Bourdain described the new show as 'faster, more democratic and more caffeinated than No Rez. But just as obnoxious.'

Here's how the Travel Channel put it: 'With only 24-48 hours in each city, he is pressed for time to show viewers the essential "must see" places, people and foods. Bourdain will travel throughout the U.S., Asia and Europe revealing insider tips that only the most seasoned traveler would know.'

Further details inform that Bourdain's stops will be spread all over the US, Asia and Europe (but no Africa or South America?). The SVP of Programming and Development at Travel Channel even drops a clue to content: "This is a chance to show viewers the secrets of Tony's traveling routine: cracking open the essence of each city, getting right to the marrow of every experience, and making the most out of every moment." Hmm...so are we to assume there'll be shots of him dining on filet mignon in Business Class while winging to his next adventure?

Whatever. We're so tuning in when it premieres towards the end of this year.

And now, for our previous quickie interview with Bourdain about in-flight WiFi:

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