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Put On Your Lobster Bib! Three Seafood Festivals To Check Out This August

July 27, 2011 at 1:34 PM | by | ()

Sure the summer is all about hamburgers and hot dogs, but let’s not forget about some of those delicious delicacies that come from under the sea. The summer months are a great time to crack into a lobster, crab, or other slice of seafood and August has plenty of food festivals to help you get your fill. Here’s just three seafood festivals arriving next month that we think are worth your time::

· Maine Lobster Festival:
We love all the tasty treats that come out of the sea, but if we had to choose just one delicious crustacean it would be the mighty lobster. Of course Maine knows the most about this clawed creature, so it’s not surprising that they’re the ones throwing a festival dedicated to all things lobster at the beginning of August. The Maine Lobster Festival is set to run between August 3 and August 7 in Rockland, and if you have $8 extra in your food festival budget this one is a must-see.

In total, organizers are going to go through roughly 20,000 pounds of lobster—and god only knows how much butter—as visitors from all around the country arrive at Rockland Harbor. Arts and crafts, cooking contests, and plenty of lobster are just some of the festival’s highlights, but we have to recommend attending the lobster crate races. It’s exactly what it sounds like and it’s open to everyone, so sign up and try to run on top of the crates without taking a premature dip in the Atlantic Ocean. Just remember to leave your wallet back on shore, as you’ll need $14 for each lobster you plan on enjoying during the weekend.

· Havre de Grace Seafood Festival :
The Havre de Grace Seafood Festival might not have the best website—whoa Geocities flashback—but they definitely have one of the best food festivals dedicated to scaled, swimming, and clawed critters. This year’s edition runs from August 12 through 14 in Havre de Grace, Maryland, and best of all, admission to all the fun and overeating is totally free.

Crab Nachos, Old Bay Fries, and Lobster Macaroni and Cheese are on our short list for must-samples, but there’s definitely something for everyone as they are promising at least 170 different foods, beverages, and other goodies. After eating too much there’s plenty of time to digest thanks to the live entertainment, and they’ve even booked The Charlie Daniels Band for Friday night. We can’t really fault anything about this food festival, so plan to get yourself to the shores of Chesapeake Bay in just about a month.

· Great Inland Seafood Festival 2011:
Nothing says delicious seafood like Kentucky—kidding—so that’s why we’re nominating the Great Inland Seafood Festival as a great way to catch up on your antacid intake this August. Things run on the banks of the Ohio River—don’t worry the seafood is from elsewhere. You'll find the action in Newport, Kentucky on August 12 through August 14. Everyone is welcome and there’s no admission fee, so it’s pretty much an obvious place to be if you find yourself in the area.

Live entertainment can be expected as well as many different types of ocean critters to sample, but the star of the festival are the lobsters that they’ve flown in all the way from Maine. This year a lobster will set you back $11, but be sure to get to the festival early—as they usually go through 10,000 before things end on Sunday. If the regular lobsters aren’t enough for you—no need to worry—as organizers are raffling a five-pounder each night of the festival. Just get some raffle tickets for $5 each and you’ll be entered to win, but even if you don’t, all the proceeds benefit the Alabama Coastal Foundation to clean up the Gulf of Mexico.

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