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Instant Tax Refunds Arrive at DFW, But Only for Foreign Visitors

July 28, 2011 at 8:38 AM | by | ()

Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport is starting a program where Texas sales tax can be made optional to those visiting from overseas. Sure the tax needs to be paid up front, but afterwards they’re making it pretty easy to get a little percentage back on that Tony Romo jersey or bottle of BBQ sauce.

Apparently it’s one of the first big airports in the country to do this, and it’s all available through a little kiosk in the North Ticketing Hall inside Terminal D. TaxFree Shopping is the one running this new system, so be on the lookout for their sign if you want a little bit of money back. Sure you’ll need to show receipts for what you bought, but the refund here is instant—and via cash, PayPal or check—so there’s no waiting period or need to deal with overly confusing paperwork or mailing stuff in.

It’s not just airport stuff either, as TaxFree Shopping partners with like 4,500 different retailers including big guys like Target and Macy’s. You just need to have made your purchases within the last 30 days, and we’re thinking having a receipt and a passport is all you’re really going to need.

There is a little bit of commission taken out—they’ve got to make their money somewhere—but they promise that there’s no upfront fees. So if you’re just visiting the nifty fifty and are heading out from Dallas, be sure to claim back some of you hard earned cash.

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That's great! I'm going in November from the UK so we'll see how well it works.

just a bit a rip off

how does "a little bit of commission taken out" describes correctly a fixed 50% commission
If was to knew from the start, i would not be queuing for an hour to save $20.