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What If Lady Gaga Was a Pan Am Flight Attendant?

July 27, 2011 at 4:27 PM | by | ()

It's just another day if Lady Gaga is out and about in a crazy getup, but when she's channeling flight attendants, we stop and pay attention a moment. It was The Sun UK that first pointed out her sartorial inspiration, but we're going to take it to another level. Lady Gaga is doing a flight attendant thing, sure, but it's closer to a Pan Am flight attendant thing, to be more specific.

Our guess? Her wardrobe specialists at the Haus of Gaga are addicted to the latest teaser previews from the upcoming ABC drama "Pan Am." It's cool if you're an #avgeek, Gaga. What's next? A vinyl Pan Am bodysuit? We'd wear it.

[Photo: x17]

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She kinda looks sexy in that uniform!