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Let's Hear It for Tacky, Souvenir Fridge Magnets

July 18, 2011 at 4:20 PM | by | ()

What do you collect when you travel? It's okay if you stop into a souvenir shop and drop a few dollars on a trinket to add to your collection; it's another notch on your worldwide bedpost, when another mini spoon gets added to the cabinet or another patch sewn onto a beaten backpack. Our thing—if we must confess—is sending postcards back to family, which they then collect for us. Regardless, we're fully aware that magnets may be the most popular souvenir tchotchkes, considering how cheap they are, how easy to buy and transport and the fact that they can actually serve a purpose.

Sometimes though, there's just a souvenir magnet so tacky it begs belief that it even made it up for sale. We found it on the Isle of Man this past weekend, in the capital city of Douglas.

It's our belief that the worst souvenirs are to be found for sale on islands, and there's a persistent fascination with naked butts on such trinkets (not to mention on postcards). This thing—with its uneven, half-assed quality (ha) is so bad that it's approaching the point where it reverts to being good again.

[Photo: Jaunted]

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