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Gogo Goes Next Level With New Logo, Streaming Content and More

July 15, 2011 at 10:35 AM | by | ()

It's official! In-Flight WiFi provider (and all around awesome people) Gogo In-Flight have announced their plans to go both international with coverage, and to expand offerings to include streaming content. This shouldn't be news to you at all, especially since we snuck around Gogo's Chicago HQ almost two months ago and put our fingers on the new system ourselves and then told you all about it.

Here's the gist of it:

Gogo has spies flying up in the skies right now, onboard American Airlines, testing technology that allows you to end your dependence on the seatback TV for entertainment. Passengers on WiFi-equipped planes will be able to access movies, TV shows and in-flight shopping from an "in-flight library" to watch directly on their own devices, like iPads, smartphones and laptops. Some 68% of people stepping onto planes these days already come with their own WiFi-enabled device, so this evolution is almost past due.

And the whole thing making the WiFi happen onboard your plane is a little black box officially named the ACPU, or Aircell Central Processing Unit. As of right now, Gogo is testing pricepoints for streaming content, and paying for it doesn't mean you'll have to watch it all onboard the plane. Content you purchase and stream at 37,000 feet will still be available on land, via your Gogo account, for a limited amount of time following your flight. The annoyance of a flight attendant telling you to shut down devices for landing, just as you reach the climax of a movie, will soon be much decreased.

In related news, Gogo has also altered their Twitter account. If you want to ask them when you'll get to watch Weeds onboard, you can now tweet them at the simpler name, @Gogo.

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