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Kids Traveling Solo Now Have Their Very Own Delta Lounge at Atlanta Airport

July 14, 2011 at 8:34 AM | by | ()

Traveling with children can sometimes be a pain, but Delta’s got a new idea that might make things a little better. For right now it’s only for unaccompanied minors traveling without Mom or Dad, but maybe eventually it’ll be open for all the little ones to swing by and blow off some steam.

The Delta Sky Zone is open in Atlanta on Concourses, B, C, and E, and it’s available to those little ones connecting all by themselves—or with a little help from Delta employees. Inside, kids have access to brand new furniture to bounce all over, XBOX 360s, and unfortunately some kind of educational materials. We’re thinking that there’s got to be some soda and chips thrown in their too, or at least a little tap water. Video games during a layover would definitely make us thirsty!

The new spots are designed for kids ages eight and up, so they’re attempting to make it appeal for the youngins, tweens, and beyond. Right now things are just in Atlanta, but Delta promises that it’s working on similar spots in their other hubs for the future.

It’s definitely nice for the kiddies to have a spot to call their own as well, because as much as we love the little ones it’s kind of annoying when they take up three or four chairs to construct a personal fort in the Delta Sky Club. To be honest though, we’re just jealous that we’re can’t do the same thing.

[Photo: Delta Blog]

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