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Forget Plastic Wings! Air Wisconsin Gives First Flight Certificates

June 8, 2011 at 12:47 PM | by | ()

We have a really excellent series here at Jaunted (if we do say ourselves), called "My First Flight." Readers like you are invited to send us the story of your first trip in the skies, which we'll share on the site, because everyone's got to have a first time and it makes for a truly enjoyable read. The thing is, these stories come years and years after the first flight, when the moment has been relegated to the memory bank. It's not often that we hear from a newbie to the skies...until now. Kinda.

Yesterday while traveling on a regular ol' flight from DTW to DCA, we were witness to a tiny baby's very first plane trip. It was onboard a half-full Air Wisconsin Canadair Regional Jet that seats max 50 people, so this little girl could have disturbed everyone with her crying. Alas, she didn't cry one bit; instead, she spent the little-over-one-hour flight happily smiling at her mom and making courteous little giggles at the flight attendant's cooing. For her perfect behavior, the FA awarded the baby with a Certificate of First Flight.

Who does that anymore? You can't even get plastic wings for toddlers these days, and yet here is this nice little certificate on heavy cardstock, signed and everything! Thumbs up to Air Wisconsin. And if you're wondering what the hell Air Wisconsin is, you may know it better as US Airways Express.

[Photo: Jaunted]

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I want one, for myself and for my baby. All I have is a boarding pass. :(