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Simple Plan Sings About Airports and Jet Lag in a New Music Video

June 6, 2011 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

It might not be the latest Lady Gaga or Britney download, but we’re pretty big fans of Simple Plan’s latest single Jet Lag. Honestly it’s probably not going to win any Grammy awards, but what we like about it is the music video, which we stumbled across it during channel surfing in France.

The music video features a cameo by Toronto Pearson International Airport along with many WestJet airplanes—we’re thinking they chipped in a little bit of cash—as the band sings about the true pains of having an intercontinental relationship. All of this time zone trauma has caused the lead singer’s heart to be so jet lagged, and that’s pretty much the theme throughout the song.

Apparently there’s a couple different versions of the song—complete with different international girlfriends—but the version we’ve included above features Natasha Bedingfield. However, there’s also a version where Marie-Mai sings the female vocals in French, and there’s even plans to work on another version featuring Dutch singer Krysti. No word on if Ke$ha will be featured in the remix.

We’re sure you’ve experienced some of the song’s pop punk lyrics first hand—“you say good morning when it's midnight” and “trying to figure out the time zones making me crazy”—even if it was only a change between California and New York. So check it out if you get a chance today, and we apologize in advance if it’s already stuck in your head.

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