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The Miracle on the Hudson Plane is On Its Way to a Permanent Home

June 6, 2011 at 8:34 AM | by | ()

Flight 1549—aka The Miracle on the Hudson—is now on its way to a more permanent home in Charlotte, but getting there is proving to be quite a challenge. That’s because this time it’s taking the highway, and there are definitely a few bridges and byways not designed with an Airbus A320 in mind.

Like all good road trips along the East Coast, those involved with moving the plane decided to get a head start over the weekend and changed the original departure date of today up to Saturday. It’s unfortunately not just a straight shot down I-95, as the trailer that’s carrying the plane—it was custom designed for its unique load—is trying to navigate smaller streets and tight turns.

New Jersey is proving to be pretty difficult, as there have already been a few times where fences and lamp posts have had to be temporarily relocated. However, after it clears the Garden State, it’s expected to be a much smoother ride.

The tail portion of the aircraft has already arrived at its new home at the Carolinas Aviation Museum, but even with all the little delays here and there the rest of the plane is expected to arrive in Charlotte on or before June 10. They’ve got a tight timeline too, as museum officials are hoping to have a reception on June 11 with passengers and crew.

The plane isn’t the only one getting a new home, as the plane’s pilot—Sully Sullenberger—is also landing in a new spot and a new role. He’s signed on with CBS News to serve as one of the network’s aviation experts. He made his debut last week commenting on some of the lessons learned from the Air France 447, and we look forward to having him chime in on everything from pilot training to checked bag fees.

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