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This May Be the Future of the Full-Body Scanner

June 7, 2011 at 8:30 AM | by | ()

No more removing your shoes. No more funneling your liquids into small plastic bottles, inside a little plastic baggie. No more revealing full-body scans. This is the future, if we are to believe anything coming out of the World Air Transport Summit in Singapore this week. A mock-up of a three-channel security lane system was just unveiled there, an idea from the IATA, or International Air Transport Association, and it looks goooood (not to mention appropriately futuristic).

The schematic calls for a "known traveler" lane (aka you've been pre-approved), a normal lane, and an enhanced security lane. The degree of screening and steps involved in each increase with security check level. For example, the known traveler lane doesn't seem to include in-depth scans for shoes and liquids, while the normal and enhanced lanes include everything from retinal scans to searching for traces of explosives. It didn't get past us that the only lane requiring the dreaded full-body scan is the enhanced security one, so good riddance.

Back when the IATA announced they were working on this thingie in late 2010, TheCrankyFlier took a deeper look at the system, including breaking down all of the steps. Now this plan isn't being put into airports anytime soon; it's simply being exhibited as an option. But it's nice to dream...

[Photos: IATA.org]

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Interesting! Never saw a full body scan machine.. http://companyfinder.ie/company_signs_banners_dublin.html