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This is the Antenna That Delivers Gogo In-Flight WiFi to Your Airplane

June 3, 2011 at 8:52 AM | by | ()

Have you sent your first "I'm typing this from an airplane" tweet yet? The ability to do something that seemingly simple is really the result of millions and millions of dollars, countless hours of technical work, innummerable contracts and even tech spies flying the skies. This is the realm of Gogo In-Flight, a Chicago-based company that travelers interact with by paying for their service on WiFi-equipped flights on AirTran, American, Virgin America, Delta, Alaska Airlines, United, US Airways, Frontier, and two planes on Air Canada.

During a recent visit to Chicago, we had the opportunity to interact with Gogo on a whole new level; we peeked around their HQ near O'Hare Airport, and—gasp—actually saw the doohickey that sits inside an airplane and allows you to update your Facebook profile from 35,000-feet. Stay tuned as we bring you the full story (and way more photos) on Monday, but for now—please say hi to one of Gogo's most remote antennas, in the Alaskan wilderness.

Gogo, as a terrestrial-based network, currently has 106 towers around the US, including some so far away from civilization that they require survival skills and overnight trekking to reach. Of those 106, 6 are located in Alaska. Notice the two guys up working on the tower, for scale!

[Photo: Gogo]

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I can't wait to see the doohickey they put in the airplanes! We are nerds aren't we?