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Coachella Will Split in 2012 for Two Consecutive Weekend Festivals

June 2, 2011 at 2:27 PM | by | ()

We're of two minds about Coachella, which is terribly convenient since there will be two Coachella festivals in 2012. Great—we can spend the first one enjoying the music and the scene, and follow it by spending the second one hating on it and making snide remarks about the Urban Outfitters-wearing masses passed out next to half-spun Dreamcatchers. Two Coachella fests means more options for festivalgoers, with more money for musicians and the event's company, but will it be a good idea in practice?

Coachella has come to be known as the Woodstock of the Apple generation, even though more and more corporations have carved out a little piece for themselves in recent years (example: H&M has a huge tent with entire collection previews). A single festival means one focus, one big blowout, one long weekend of overpriced hotel rooms or house rental and hopefully only one vacation day requested off at work to attend.

The move to two festivals presents more social issues than technical. You better believe the Palm Springs/Indio Coachella Valley is thrilled to be able to pull in top prices for two weekends, but it's up to the festivalgoers to choose which weekend has the better line-up, which weekend their friends are attending, which weekend has the best freebies and corporate tents, and which weekend offers the lower lodging and flight prices. A lot of kids are going to have a lot of headaches when tickets go on sale around February of next year.

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