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Chicago Chef Paul Kahan Slips Chef Knives Through TSA Security

June 16, 2011 at 11:43 AM | by | ()

Are you prepared to be yet again disappointed in and freaked out by the incompetence of TSA agents? Chicagoan Paul Kahan, a James Beard award winning chef and partner at the awesome restaurants Avec, Blackbird, Big Star and The Publican, managed to slip four of his massive chef knives through security at Chicago-O'Hare Airport. What happened then? Well, he took his flight like normal with four giant knives at easy reach.

Luckily Paul Kahan is a good guy who prefers filleting fish to filleting flight attendants. Still, the fact that he was patted down for his wallet while the sharp things made it through the scanner without a hitch...somebody's got some 'splaining to do. And here we think we're pretty badass for never adhering to the 3-1-1 liquids rule and still making it through security just fine.

Kahan's incident is the third such TSA FAIL admission of recent. First one of the Mythbusters duo admitted carrying 12" razor blades, which weren't detected on him even in the full-body scanner. Then a bag containing three boxcutters made it onboard a plane at JFK, until the passenger remembered what he had packed. And now this—three strikes and you're out. Or, in the case of the TSA, it's three strikes and you're clear to go.

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Wrong concern

Whats ironic is that according to author's joke about the chef preferring to slice fish rather than people, he probably thinks that terrorists do exist, TSA makes sense to begin with, and that somebody brought in the knives is something to worry about. If somebody is inclined to slice people, doing it inside the airplane is quite exotic - there are lots of other places.

If safety was realy important

If passenger safety...along with logic & common sense...were really important...I would certainly prefer to have several responsible individuals on EVERY plane carrying at least one large knife. 1 week before 9/11; I flew out of New York for a weekend camping trip. I carried on a respectable knife, compact saw and a hatchet. That's right; a hatchet. If I could carry on a hatchet & large knife...tell me...did the "terrorists" really have to settle for box cutters? was that the only thing they could "sneak" onto the plane? Give me a freakin' break. They could have walked right on carrying 100's of items more capable of inflicting damage. Regardless of how much we are expected to be afraid...there is still no security like personal defense. I can tell you one thing for sure. If I had been @ 30,000 feet...and some ding dong was threatening me with a box cutter...my crocodile dundee moment would have come for sure..."you call that a knife?"

agree with stk33

@nobody special - are you only concerned about planes? If the terrorists are real - wouldn't they consider 1,000 other events with multiple people in confined space? how about food fair, symphony orchestra concert, movie theater, boat tour, and so on? how about Black Friday at Walmart - obviously much larger, tighter, and less organized crowd. Any terrorist with IQ more than 80 would figure that out and wouldn't even look in the direction of the airport. But in 10 years there were only 2-3 incidents, and very questionable ones, such as "crotch bomber" escorted to the plane by security, bypassing all checking. If this does not convince that the terrorist threat is 100% bogus, I don't know what will. Throwing out hysteria and spending billions on just one possibility out of thousands only makes sense if the objective is to pacify the nervous public and win some votes. But it has nothing to do with any security. And even if this so called threat was real, it would kill what, several dozen people in a decade. The number of people dying in car accidents and from bad medicine are many thousand times that, and if the billions spent on this nonsense were spent on healthcare, it would actually save some sizable numbers of lives.

Amen on the 3-1-1 BS

Have not pulled my liquids (which are more than 3oz!) out in over two years of almost weekly flying. Leave 'em in your bags!