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Korean Air's A380 Has...Get This...a Luxury Onboard Lounge

June 10, 2011 at 12:52 PM | by | ()

Ho-ly crap. Have you seen what Korean Air has done with their very first Airbus A380? The superjumbo not only has the world's first flying mini duty-free shop (which already caused us to go bonkers), but there's also a full-fledged in-flight lounge. Yep, sofas and TV and boozy drinks and all.

Check out the A380 plan above, courtesy of Seatplans.com, to see the massive area they've dedicated to this chill space. Here is a photo, and here is another, of the actual thing. As you've probably already guessed, it'll only be open to those flying in Business and First Class, but the price of those seats also secures you early access to the duty-free shop and onboard bar. We're officially naming it a lifetime must-do-at-least-once experience. >

The best part is, this plane actually exists already, outfitted with all these goodies. It's not just a plan on paper, because Korean Air's first A380 begins flying on June 17, between Seoul-Incheon and Tokyo-Narita, before adding more routes later in the year (including to the USA and Europe—yippee). Check out their slightly trippy official site for more, except no real photos of the lounge! Rest assured we're looking at South Korea flight schedules and daydreaming, thoughts made sweeter by the knowledge that flyers will get to pass through Incheon Airport, which is—in one word—awesomesauce.

There once was a time when airlines treated flyers as "intelligent, interested people," and made room for lounges such as this. We had thought those days dead. Maybe not...

[Photos: Seatplans.com & Korean Air]

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KL 380 Lounge

Nice "launch" amenity. I give it a year, max. It's income from what, 50 seats? They had 'em on the CO DC-10's, too.