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The Movie 'Super 8' Could Get People Road-Tripping to Weirton, West Virginia

June 10, 2011 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

Super 8 is getting a lot of buzz this weekend as it finally opens in theaters, but so is the small town in West Virginia where it was filmed.

Weirton, West Virginia, where J.J. Abrams shot the movie last fall, was recently named one of the top five summer movie location-destinations movie-goers would most want to visit in the U.S. And, the former steel town is planning to take full advantage of its 15 minutes of fame by launching its own Super 8 movie location tour later this summer.

The West Virginia Film Office has also launched a "Behind The Scenes" page featuring stories and photos from the shoot with the hope that it will inspire more film crews to visit the area.

The town's movie tour will no doubt feature stops at Cathy's Homemade Pies and Sandwiches on Main St, which filled in as an Ohio diner circa 1979. Another popular stop for movie fans has been the Marland Heights Deli & Co., which was transformed into a 1970's 7-Eleven, complete with an Asteroids video game.

If you'd like to take a self-guided tour through Weirton, just in time for the movie's opening, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette recently published a detailed map of the movie's filming locations which can be found at ">Post-Gazette.com.

[Photo: WV Film Office]

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