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Japan Airlines Eats It Up with New Mos Burger Meal on Flights

May 31, 2011 at 8:33 AM | by | ()

If there's one thing a traveler quickly learns while on the road, it's that the winning McDonald's formula of a hamburger and fries has universal appeal, even in the Middle East (example: the McSchwarma) and brown-sauce-loving UK (mmm, bacon roll). Even in Japan, where the golden arches reign next to the Starbucks' green siren, there are knock-off chains.

The two best mass-franchised, McD's-like Japan chains are Mos Burger and Freshness Burger. For the moment, we'll focus on the former, since Mos is now in the news as a collaborator with Japan Airlines for in-flight food.

Starting now and lasting through August, fly in economy or Premium Economy on JAL, and on routes from Japan to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Frankfurt and London, you'll have the option of ordering an "Air Mos Burger," which is essentially just the famous teriyaki Mos Burger laid out, with toppings and all, like a regular in-flight meal.

The WSJ notes that "Mos Burger currently has 244 outlets in seven Asian countries and is in the midst of building clout overseas." This would be one of the way—exposing Americans and Europeans to their Mos-sy ways. From our perspective, however, it seems as thought in-flight burgers are becoming something of a mini-trend, especially as domestic airlines eliminate free snacks in favor of menus with premium, paid options. Anyone for that $8 Continental burger now?

[Photo: Wikimedia & JAL]

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