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Memorial Day Already Happened at SFO, with the Arrival of the 'Honor Flight'

Where: San Francisco International [map], San Francisco, CA, United States
May 27, 2011 at 9:50 AM | by | ()

Here's to a three-day weekend! We may all enjoy the first taste of summer relaxation with this upcoming Monday off of work, but it's okay to remember why the day has been dedicated a national holiday. Memorial Day isn't just sleeping until noon on a weekday, boozy brunching and maybe driving through the closest cemetery to view all the flags placed on veteran's graves. Memorial Day is about remembrance, and before we start into some Hallmark card-like spiel, we'll leave you with a photo of a touching scene we accidentally walked into while at San Francisco International Airport last week.

After disembarking our flight and heading out beyond security, towards the BART train, we passed by firefighters and policemen hoisting up American flags, and families decked out in red, blue and white awaiting the arrival of a very specific flight. Our first thought? Maybe they were here to welcome home servicemen on active duty. But no...

Nope—the flags and the pomp was for the benefit of those who served in the military more like fifty years ago. This was the arrival of the return flight from Washington DC, whereby the Honor Flight Northern California non-profit sends veterans without the means to travel over to DC to see and reflect at the memorial to the war in which they fought and lost friends.

If you know a veteran who lives in the NorCal area and should be considered for these (completely free) trips to DC, or to learn about volunteering yourself, check out the Honor Flight's official site here.

[Photo: Jaunted]

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