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Aussie Band 'Set Sail' Serenades a Virgin Atlantic Flight at 37,000 Feet

May 19, 2011 at 4:11 PM | by | ()

What would you do if a trio of musicians stood up and began serenading you while at 37,000 feet onboard a long-haul flight? Hopefully, you wouldn't club them and assume they're undercover hijackers throwing the flight crew off their scent; you'd clap right along, just as these Virgin Atlantic passengers did recently when the Australian band Set Sail covered the Jason Mraz song "I'm Yours."

The cute performance happened somewhere between Hong Kong and Sydney, as the band is setting out on a 48-country itinerary to give street shows throughout the rest of this year. This is only the second video of a slew they're planning, and Josiah Willows (one of the band members) explains, "flights aren't always bad food and uncomfortable seats!" Every week they'll release another video to YouTube—follow them here—mixing music and travel.

What's next? We're thinking violin on a Venetian traghetto would be cool, also perhaps a cappella in Agra or a little soft shoe while eating soft shell crab congee. Mmmm...soft shell crab congee.

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What would I do ?

I would quickly put on a pair of sound cancelling headphones and hope someone charges them for onboard audio terrorism http://sound-cancelling-headphones.blogspot.com