Jaunted Live From SFO: Virgin America's T2 Opening Coverage

April 6, 2011 at 11:13 AM | ()

Virgin America is growing up, and today they are set to open their highly anticipated new home at San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 2. On April 14, T2 at SFO will debut for the public, but Jaunted is getting an exclusive sneak peak of the next generation terminal here in San Francisco today. We hear the new space will entice foodies, delight the techies, satisfy those with an eye for sustainable design, and...oh, there's something mysterious about a "recompose" zone.

So join us as we are set to bring you all of the Sir Richard-led opening festivities live and in technicolor, ready to digest in the minute by minute social "medeorite" bits you crave.

That's right, stay tuned to this story throughout the day as we embark on a little opening of our own—live coverage straight from our smart phones to your office, living room, or whatever location your find yourself in this fine Wednesday morning.

Jaunted Live Coverage

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Good morning. On 280 heading to SFO, shouldn't be long now.
Checking in at SFO international and remembering why it is so important for VX to get their own space here. When you come in on VX now you have to go upstairs, walk forever, go back downstairs to a sad little baggage claim area. Very non intuitive after a cross country flight.
The scene at gate A11. Highway to the danger zone blasting...
Gavin Newsome says of T2 "this is the greenest terminal in the world."
- WhiteKnight2 in flight...
WhiteKnight at less than 50ft from starboard side
@Jaunted here are those self filling water stations. Doing a self guided walk around T2.
By the way that first whiteknight insert below is video. Check it out.
Rachel Hunter and airport terminal art.
Art Gensler, same architect that did T5 JFK did T2 SFO, undisputed terminal design king.
First feel: very Pan am catch me if you can feeling. Wide windows so you can see planes takeoff and land like the good old days.
Wow. AA admirals club is swank and calming.
AA vintage DC3
That dc3 is a 1937, oldest flying plane in the world. Fully restored and flew this morning.
Vintage SFO backdrop
Eco friendly with signage that explains.
Interesting...no Virgin America lounge only AA. Wonder why...
Power outlets are everywhere.
Plotting world domination...one sandwich at a time.
The word on why no VX lounge? "we put our money into 60 new planes and want to open as many destinations as possible." Southwest, Jetblue = low cost carriers with no lounge so my guess is they are following that blueprint in the US.
Xylophone bird mural.
Wish this was open now...
Pinkberry training in progress. The message: remember all customer names!
VX checkin area. Swedish feel.


    this is the same spot where they did all the Toronto launch stuff too. do you see any celebs?


    Isn't that airline dropping Toronto after less than a year? Hmmmm.

    Nice work

    Great pics and great to meet you today at SFO!

    Impressive Journalism!

    It isn't easy to select the best images and come up with clever captions on the go, live, with no room for error.
    Way to go, Jaunted!


    Thanks Sean! Was difficult and fun to cover this live, but loving not only the way this turned out but also thinking about the future possibilities for Jaunted coverage. Stay tuned!

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