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Planning a Trip to China? You Should Know About Spring Airlines

Where: China
April 28, 2011 at 9:53 AM | by | ()

This week seems to be new airline week—or at least new to us—as we’ve shared the secrets to a cheap Europe vacation thanks to XL, a frugal find to visit down under, and today we want to talk about Spring Airlines. Just like everyone else this week they have some pretty cheap airfare—like around $100 roundtrip before taxes—but any money you save on airfare you’ll be blowing upon arrival. That’s because these planes are going to Macau.

In case you haven’t heard, Macau is like the Asian version of Vegas, so expect plenty of gambling, boozing, and spending—all while having an awesome time of course. Spring Airlines is looking to cash in on the booming travel market, as they just started up service between Shanghai and Macau each day of the week.

The only catch is that you’ll need to get yourself to China, but that isn’t too hard so long as you can endure the pain and discomfort of a transpacific economy seat. They’re promising low cost flight options, and apparently they’re like the only low cost carrier in China, so we’re not sure if that means really cheap or just relatively cheap. Either way we’re intrigued and definitely could go for a couple nights at Steve Wynn’s place overseas.

If you’re not a gambling fool, don’t worry, as Spring Airlines has plenty of other destinations in and around China to help you travel about the country. They even have one international flight over to Japan—Ibaraki to be specific, like three or four hours outside Tokyo.

You might not need the services of Spring Airlines anytime soon, but once you plan your multiday journey across China you just might need their help—and you can thank us then! Check out their official website here.

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