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'The Traveling Plant Eater' Taste-Tests Vegan Airline Meals

April 19, 2011 at 9:46 AM | by | ()

A vegetarian meal to London on United

True story: we once did a grand tour of Europe with a friend who kept Kosher, and just observing her frustration with menus and what little she could eat at some of the coolest places we'd come across...well that left an impact. We can't even imagine what finding proper food can be like for a vegan on the road, but luckily there's a blog that's looking to unearth the best vegan meals around the globe: The Traveling Plant Eater.

The writer is Ray, a 30-year-old who owns an edamame business and travels frequently to support it. That's interesting on its own, but then there's the fact that he's vegan and faced with things like finding suitable meals in airports, or praying that the vegetarian in-flight meal work out. For example, The Traveling Plant Eater recently gave an overview of what there is to eat for a vegan at Miami International Airport, and reviewed Cathay Pacific's new vegan in-flight meal.

We've gone the vegetarian meal route before on a transatlantic, but, as always with airplane food, it's super iffy what you'll end up with. The Traveling Plant Eater...he's on to something.

[Photos: Andy Miles for Jaunted]

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