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Richard Branson's Next Venture Will Be a Private Island...for Lemurs

April 19, 2011 at 3:20 PM | by | ()

There's no doubting that billionaire Richard Branson manages to be all over and in one place at the same time; that man has a vortex for a brain. One of the crazy/brilliant thoughts currently occupying his precious time is the idea to turn one of his private islands—in the British Virgin Islands—into a Lemur preserve.

You see, the little, fuzzy, exotic critters are endangered and Branson would like to put his property to the good use of breeding them back into healthy numbers. No more resorts for Branson; he's playing with submarines and spaceships now. Let the wild animals enjoy all things terrestrial.

The New York Post fills us in:

Branson said he plans to bring the first group of about 30 lemurs from zoos in coming weeks to Moskito Island, part of the British Virgin Islands, where they would be the only wild population outside of Africa.

We wonder if any Lemur-viewing excursions will be available from Necker Island? Because dang—baby lemurs are cute:

[Photos: Swongled and Jaunted]

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