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Minneapolis' Airport Will Take You to the Candy Shop

April 15, 2011 at 10:56 AM | by | ()

It’s Friday, so we’ll try to keep things nice and light around here. What better way to welcome the weekend then a little trip to one of the country’s newest candy shops, and best of all, this one is located right at the airport.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has added Sugar Pop to The Mall section of Terminal 1-Lindbergh—that’s where most of the Delta flights do their thing. It’s colorful, fun, and a good diversion to all the cranky business travelers that are usually crowding the terminals and concourses.

There's way more than just the Snickers, Twix, and M&Ms that can be quickly grabbed at Hudson News, so it’s worth the time to visit on your next layover. They’ve got the sugary sweet stuff down to a science with plenty of oversized lollipops, and there are spots to make your own flavor combinations and to create personalized treats.

If you’re on a diet—or have an army of kids with you en route to Disney—Sugar Pop has plenty of non-sugar souvenirs to collect as well. You might want to go in solo for the first time, just so you can assess what everyone is going to need once you try to leave and head for the gate.

Apparently this location is the first store in a new concept, so the airport candy shop could be as common as Sbarro or Starbucks within the next few years. It might not be as satisfying as a stop at the bar after a three-hour flight delay, but a healthy sized chocolate bar is almost as good.

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