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You Can't Be Serious with This Charlie Sheen Stuff, Spirit Airlines

March 4, 2011 at 1:34 PM | by | ()

Well here's a surprise! Spirit Air is having one of their "sales," and they've borrowed a few of Charlie Sheen's recent catchphrases to boost the sale's meme cache. That's right—"Tiger Blood,""Adonis DNA" and "Winning" all appear in a flash ad on Spirit's website, advertising fares as low as $27*

It's the "Living the Dream" sale, and we're starting the countdown egg timer until Sheen has his people drafting the papers to sue Spirit's people. Sure, the catchphrases Charlie has been slinging on Twitter are now copied over and over for a variety of uses, but this one seems particularly egregious. Exploiting a celeb's mental health in order to convince budget-seekers to hope onboard your flights? Not cool—especially considering this isn't a real sale.

The $27 price is each way, based on roundtrip purchase, and does not include taxes, fees and the mandatory checked and carry-on baggage fees levied by Spirit. Remember they are currently the only US airline to charge for both types of luggage! Sheen only travels by private jet lately, so at he's smart enough to avoid Spirit.

[Photo: screenshot from Spirit Air website]

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