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They've Got to Be Joking: The 15 Saddest In-Flight Meals

April 1, 2011 at 9:32 AM | by | ()

If you haven't already been annoyed off the internet by all the April Fool's Day pranks running rampant, then take a deep breath and know that nothing will be amiss on Jaunted today. Except for this, because the airlines have got to be joking. We've dug around to discover the 15 saddest in-flight meals, including everything from a moldy fruit plate to our dreaded American Airlines croissant.

Sadly these meals aren't April Fool's jokes, but oh how we wish they were...

Have you ever been presented with something less than edible onboard a flight? A single shrimp in the "shrimp cocktail" or maybe unidentifiable slop? Share your story in the comments below!

[Photos: above by Jaunted. For gallery, see individual photo attribution]

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wow, that dude looks unnecessarily spooked by a plate of fruit! nice work jaunted.

It's not all bad

I've been very happy with the food service on Asiana and KAL

Appalling food

I've seen food a bit like that when I've travelled but as for that British Midland cheese sandwich (i think that's what it is) that is disgusting. I tend to fly Singapore Airlines when I can and their food is fine.

inflight meals

These horrible meals are the result of airlines trying too hard to cut costs, sometimes I just wish they would charge me 5 bucks for a decent meal.

great post