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In-Flight Cocktail of the Month: South African Airways' La Chanson

March 4, 2011 at 10:54 AM | by | ()

As many already know, we have a serious obsession with airline cocktails, and so much is our passion that we've created a whole first-Friday-of-the-month feature called In-Flight Cocktail of the Month, which highlights the special concoctions that flight attendants whip up with only a cocktail shaker, some tiny liquor bottles and a whole lot of hope that it won't make you drunk and unruly.

Red sparkling wine is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, the fruity stuff isn't nearly as easy to find as, say, regular French champagne or good old Freixenet. Instead, you've often to grab it when you see it, like perhaps on an Africa-bound South African Airways flight.

The drink, which has hints of redder fruits like strawberries and raspberries or plums, occasionally pops up on the menu in the Business Class and First Class cabins on SAA planes. The label they typically pour is J.C. Le Roux's La Chanson, which means "the song," for those who need a refresher French class. It's a good South African wine, hailing from the Western Cape. Wikipedia lets us know that Stellenbosch—the wine's town—was the second oldest European settlement in the area after Cape Town. There's even a professor of Viticulture at the local university.

La Chanson is offered complimentary with your meals in the upper classes on international flights, and its relatively low alcohol content won't get you too messed up in the morning if you enjoy a few too many.

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