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Better Late Than Never, Continental to Get 200 Planes with In-Flight WiFi

March 29, 2011 at 9:04 AM | by | ()

Better late than never, hm? That's what we're saying this week after United/Continental made the announcement that they're going for the whole in-flight WiFi thing. Specifically, United will be expanding their trial program from 14 757s to over 200 of Continental's domestic 737s and 757s, which they plan to have up and ready for your in-flight Facebooking next year.

Now here's the real news: although United's original 14 planes with connectivity used Gogo's in-flight WiFi service (the current industry leader), they've switched allegiance to outfit the upcoming 200+ planes with LiveTV, a subsidiary of JetBlue. It actually makes perfect sense, however, because the 200+ planes already have LiveTV for its in-flight DirectTV. Now that LiveTV also offers satellite in-flight WiFi, Continental is just adding that in.

To recap: United still has 14 757s running Gogo in-flight WiFi. 200 of Continental's 737s and 757s are set to get WiFi for the first time, via LiveTV. JetBlue—who has no in-flight WiFi aside from a single attempt with very limited access—gets closer and closer to perfecting the LiveTV system for themselves. Yay for in-flight WiFi!

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