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London's Underground Stations to Get WiFi Just in Time for the Olympics

March 30, 2011 at 8:31 AM | by | ()

We still need to get through the Royal Wedding before finalizing our plans for the 2012 Olympics, but if need be, we might be able to plan things on the fly when the fun rolls around next year. London is moving full-speed ahead in preparation for next year’s games, and it looks like Tube stations will also be getting some spit polishing.

Unfortunately the upgrade doesn’t include air conditioning, but they do involve a little bit of technology. The city is attempting to bring WiFi to the London Underground before the 2012 Olympics, which means no more dropped signals on your smartphone when you’re forced to head below street level.

Following a successful test at the Charing Cross station, the plan now is to equip around 120 subterranean stations by 2012. WiFi will be available in the station only, so once you start moving about the city you might lose your signal. There’s talk about adding cellular and WiFi to the tunnels and rail lines themselves, but as of now, nothing is a definite.

Sure, reception everywhere is probably the ultimate goal, but for now, we’re certainly pleased to hear that WiFi is at least starting to make its way to the London Underground.

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