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Three Years After Skybus Bit the Big One, It's Still Making News

March 29, 2011 at 8:26 AM | by | ()

This is a hard topic for us to discuss, because we’re still bitter about the $9 flights that we had to Southern California that were canceled thanks to a pesky little bankruptcy. Even as we hold back our tears, we feel it’s important to recognize the three-year anniversary of Skybus' going belly up.

Several years after its demise, the defunct airline is still making news, as it continues to payback all those investors and companies that believed in cheap airfare as the next big thing. Despite not making too much cash during its short run, the airline was actually able to pay back most of its creditors. We’re hardly bankruptcy law experts, but apparently paying back unsecured debts is kind of a big deal.

Even following its trip to airline heaven, Skybus continues to make plenty of claims even though they don’t really have a business. A former Skybus financial official—who later acted as a trustee during the liquidation—seemed proud that Skybus was one of the first airlines to charge a checked baggage fee. As he sees it, Skybus was a trendsetter, because now pretty much everyone does it—and their fee was only $5.

There’s been past rumors about a rebirth of the airline—or at least something similar—but we’re thinking that the idea is long gone. We hope you rest in peace, Skybus—along with your orange butterflies and advertisement-covered airplanes.

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The plea for tips from the t-shirt clad FA's that didn't look a day over 18. And the $3 charge for an 8-ounce bottle of water. But $10 o/w from Newburgh to Greensboro, NC? Wasn't mad at them at all. ::sigh::