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Free Refills at Chicago-O'Hare Thanks to Fancy-Pants Water Fountains

March 29, 2011 at 10:44 AM | by | ()

Not too long ago we were making our way through Chicago-O’Hare when we stumbled upon the coolest water fountain we’ve ever seen. Admittedly we’re easily impressed—but still—the Elkay EZH2O is like the Cadillac of water fountains.

From the Grand Canyon to SFO, water bottle refilling stations have been appearing everywhere, but this was one of the first times we spotted one in the wild. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a trusty water bottle on us, so we just had to use it the old fashioned way.

Anyway, the fancy fountains kind of look like normal ones, except beyond the usual drinking area is a place to stick your empty bottle to fulfill its craving for some high quality H2O. It fills bottles about three times faster than a normal fountain, so there’s no need to feel self conscious when you’re holding up the line.

It also has an electronic sensor which allows for hands free operation—no germs! Also, the Green Ticker even keeps a running total of how many plastic bottles have been saved from the landfill.

We saw this refilling station in Terminal 2 somewhere in or around Concourse E—not too far from one of the airport’s newest dining options. We’ll keep our eyes out for more ways to save the earth at the airport, but in the interim, let us know if you see any too!

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