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'Attack The Block' Director Joe Cornish Shares His Best Travel Tip

March 25, 2011 at 4:08 PM | by | ()

Attack The Block, a movie about a London gang who were thought of as hoodlums but become heroes when they defend their neighborhood against alien creatures, was one of SXSW's most buzzed about movies. We had a chance to sit down with the movie's brilliant writer/director Joe Cornish during the fest in Austin last week and he shared, among other things, one of his favorite travel tips:

OK, here’s Joe Cornish’s big travel tip: foam ear plugs. This is on a plane if you want to listen to a movie properly because, you know, sitting on a plane is like sitting on the foot of the Niagara Falls for 11 hours. So, if I want to really enjoy a movie, probably everybody does this, but I stick foam ear plugs in then I have head phones with a foam outer and it blocks all the background noise. And the foam kind of carries the sound from the headphones straight to your ears and then you just have to crank the volume up a bit.

Joe was right about his tip; foam ear plugs are a trick of frequent travelers. Who doesn't want to drown out the noise on a plane, especially on a long flight? Flents Quiet Please Foam Ear Plugs are perfect for blocking out noise (and comfortable enough to wear under headphones). You can buy them at any drug store for around $4.99.

To help relieve the annoying clogging and popping that happens on most flights, earPlanes ear plugs also help regulate air pressure. You can order them online, starting at $24.50 for a 4 pack, at cirrushealthcare.com.

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