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Shocker: Tommy Lee Gets His Own Travel TV Show

March 22, 2011 at 8:31 AM | by | ()

Just as with other lifestyle pursuits (fashion, food, music), travel has its trends—its hots and its nots. Lately it's become more and more apparent that what the American public is craving with regards to travel TV shows is culture shock. Just think about it—there's Andrew Zimmern gagging on durian, Jessica Simpson attempting obscure beauty regimens and the whole Ricky Gervais series "An idiot Aborad." Forget the adventures; it's all about the traveler's misadventures.

The latest show to pander to us will be on Syfy (weird thing #1), hosted by Motley Crue's Tommy Lee (weird thing #2) and featuring the drummer's "investigations" into cultures and societies (weird thing #3). Yep, this is officially weird.

There's no premiere date yet for what's to be called Culture Shock with Tommy Lee, but there is a tad more info on what to expect:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the program is called Culture Shock With Tommy Lee, and it’ll follow the musician on fact-finding adventures around the world as he looks into secret societies, strange cultures and random unmentionables. A bit like No Reservations without the food, each hour long journey will focus on a different place and feature first person accounts of his experiences.

If Tommy Lee's TV show is any rival for The History Channel or A&E's specials, then we may just have to tune in.


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