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The Return of the Dreaded American Airlines Croissant

March 18, 2011 at 1:00 PM | by | ()

Earlier last month, we hopped on a quick (7-hour) American Airlines flight to Milan, Italy and discovered a very disturbing fact: that American seems to have cut back on their in-flight meal service quite a bit.

For example, our entree was half the size of what we've had on other Europe-bound flights on other legacy carriers recently, and our breakfast? Well, it was a single croissant, even though you get your choice of butter or strawberry jam as a topping. Whoopee.

Yesterday we headed back across the pond on American Airlines because the price was right, and because a long weekend in Zurich, Switzerland sounded awesome. Lo and behold, the lonely croissant breakfast showed up again, and it appears to be the standard meal for Europe-bound AA flights.

Now we get it; it's stupid to complain about such a thing, but when you consider the fact that American doesn't exactly have the lowest fares to Europe or the best service and their seats are notoriously old and uncomfortable, you'd hope that at least something as simple as breakfast would be okay. Alas, we remain disappointed.

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Thanks...will give them a miss.

You are the problem....

Re read your post. You state "because the price was right..." Then proceed to complain about something as simple as a breakfast and entree size. You have expectations that are unrealistic to your thought process and budget. You want cheap, but you expect top shelf. We all want that in life, but when it does not happen, a realistic person understands. A unrealistic person, such as yourself takes advantage of internet postings ect to vent your your disappointment that you yourself have created. Your Champagne tastes with Budweiser pockets is your own problem, do not share it with the world. Shame on you and change your expectations.


I sense bdocker works for AA. The price was right, but not necessarily for everyone else on the plane, also being fed the single croissant. Flights to Zurich aren't cheap no matter how discounted, so relative to their usual price, the price was right. AA is also not a discount airline flying to Europe and therefore has no excuse to be serving skimpy meals. If they were Air Berlin or Iceland Express or another with LCC associations and prices, then we could talk.


I personally love their croissant. Mosrly because it's warm and I'm not much of a breakfast person, but I see your point.