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Tweet of the Week: Submarine-Spotting, Like in War Days

March 1, 2011 at 5:55 PM | by | ()

We love Tuesdays. Why, you ask? Because the day brings many travel tips and quips as "Travel Tuesday" on Twitter, and we're going to share our favorite with you. Got an avid travel twitterer we should follow? Let us know.

Pilots get to see the coolest stuff. No, really. They work in an office that's like Google Earth, and of course have the best views at take-off and landing. Going over the Grand Canyon or Wall of China? Oh pish posh—that's child's play.

One of Southwest Airlines' pilots—@SWA_Captain—spotted something very interesting today, and we're completely and utterly jealous:

Witnessed a rare event today. Descending into San Diego along the coast we saw a missile launch from probably a submarine. Spectacular!

Okay so he had the reaction of "spectacular!" We'd be more likely to think "oh crap, what are they doing launching a missile at a close enough distance from my aircraft that I can see them launching that missile?" Unless he's talking a torpedo here, which remains underwater. That'd be awesome. Heck, both are pretty awesome. Please excuse us while we go read "The Idiot's Guide to Being a Pilot."

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Archived Comments:

Rocket man!

According to the local news last night, the Navy made their 134th successful launch of a missile from an Ohio class submarine Tuesday. There was video also so it might be on you tube or something. Apparently the event also created a sonic boom that a few friends felt, but I didn't...


Okay I'm going to look that up like, now. Thanks for the info! 134 launches, hmm? Wonder if any other airplanes have seen them in the past (from this sub)