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Next Year, Just Forget About Everything Else and Go to Italy in February

Where: Italy
February 15, 2011 at 3:31 PM | by | Comments (0)

Did you have a good Valentine's Day? We hope you did, and we hope you have somebody you love and who loves you back, but if you don't, just think that there'll always be Italy. She's a country that welcomes solo travelers with wide open arms, arms strong from making pasta by hand, so a hug from Italy is one you never forget. Dispensing with the awkward metaphor, just know tha if you've never been to Italy, the month of February is a perfect time to go, and you can start planning for a trip there next year now.

Your first step should be to start saving; maybe when you deposit paychecks set aside a small percentage in an Italy fund. Start talking about going; make your coworkers well aware that you plan to take vacation at this time of the year, next year, and that this trip means a lot to you. Venture into the historical fiction section of the bookstore and pull some titles for pleasure reading, and pick up a well-illustrated guidebook to Italy while there. We suggest the DK series for all these photos and easy reading layout.

Don't book anything yet; deals will pop up here and there throughout the next year, so start receiving email newsletters from sites like AirfareWatchdog and Travelzoo, and become a member of discount luxury hotel sale sites like Jetsetter and VoyagePrive. But most importantly—keep thinking about the moments you'll spend sitting quietly in a cafe, eating a big strawberry cake just like the above, which we recently made a mess of our face eating at a place called Cavo on Milan's posh Via Montenapoleone.

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