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Ryanair Embraces YouTube, But Only to Mock Past and Future Customers

February 14, 2011 at 5:06 PM | by | ()

Irish LCC Ryanair has long been notorious for eschewing social media. Their reasoning is unclear, but we've always guessed it goes something like "if we engage our customers they might think we don't hate them, and then where will we be?" It turns out, though, that the airline makes exceptions on its embargo when it can use platforms like YouTube to be extra douchey.

You'll recall how, just before the weekend started, we posted this story about a near-riot that broke out on a Ryanair jet. A vacationing Belgian student had overpacked but refused to pay the airline's draconian baggage fees. He was duly denied entry onto the plane, which upset the students with whom he was vacationing, which led to something of a scuffle, which ended with dozens of arrests and the entire plane getting cleared. We kind of sort of sided with Ryanair, since we don't expect anything better from the airline and we don't understand how anyone else possibly could.

But apparently when you incite students to the point of police intervention that's a PR thing, and so the airline had to respond. Naturally they've chosen to do so in the most obnoxious way they could brainstorm: a YouTube student "tutorial" explaining "how passengers can pack enough clothes for a two-week holiday into one 10 kg (22 pound) carry-on bag."

The intentionally grating music alone is enough to raise people's blood pressure. But it's the additional condescending sneer from Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara - "this tutorial will allow these students to comply with the airline policies they accept when booking a flight" - that makes the whole thing perfect. Social media used as an exercise in mocking potential customers. How innovative.

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no way would that bag only weight 10kg. i can pack my laptop, my camera and about 2 pairs of socks before check-in tells me i'm over the limit. although personally i quite like the music. benny hill!