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17 Travel Resolutions We're Making for 2012

December 28, 2011 at 1:15 PM | by | ()

After thousands of stories and countless countries in 2011, we're more than ready to begin a fresh year. Before we hit 2012, however, we're making a few resolutions. Travel resolutions. It goes beyond losing weight or promising to do our laundry more frequently; these tackle how we interact with the world.

What are you resolving to do with your travels in 2012? Share in the comments!

And now, without further ado, 17 travel resolutions for 2012 from Jaunted's regular, frequent-traveling contributors:

To make a bigger effort to travel via bus. As long as every seat isn't packed, and the heating works, it can be a very relaxing, scenic way to get around. Plus, a month-long travel pass is only $456. I can cram a lot of bus-hopping into 30 days!

To keep my "newbie" spirit of wonderment and awe even on short haul flights and 5-minute San Francisco BART rides. There is travel adventure everywhere if you're open to experiencing it.

To put together the perfect cute, but comfy travel outfit that doesn't make me look like a bum or a corporate clone, and I want to actually take time and actually *see* the places I venture to this year, not rapidly report on them with exhausted head and heart. Oh, and I will take my children somewhere that does NOT have a kids club.

I only have a handful of states left before I've been to all 50 and I would love to knock at least a couple more off the list in 2012; would love to do Minnesota and Wisconsin this year!

To get out and into the nature around a city. More hiking, swimming, camping, sailing and other activities that don't have me sitting in front of a laptop.

To get to another destination on my bucket list. Right now, I'm hoping for South Africa for a combination of safari and wine. I'm also going to try to make top-tier elite status on at least one airline.

To go on an "experiential" trip, like a food or yoga retreat. Exploring a city through its food is one of my favorite ways to learn about a new culture, and as an active yogi, I've always wanted to get my Vinyasa Flow on in a beautiful, om-inducing environment.

To ignore other people when they tell me I'd love somewhere, and go with my gut (often I find I don't actually love it). Also, to go east. Anywhere from Dubai onwards is covered by this, though my top 3 would be China, Thailand, and to finally make it to India.

To not to get too stressed out thinking about flying with a 1-year-old. I have family across the country so I'm going to have to deal with it.

To be less ashamed of my lack of foreign language skills. A little less 'parlez-vous anglais' ... and a lot more going for the local tongue.

To make better use of hotel rewards programs (hotel points, AMEX, Amtrak, Founders Card, etc).

To visit South Africa. I've been working with a music producer from Cape Town and, from what he (and others) are telling me, it's just a stunning part of the world. Also to read more. I want to commit to balancing technology and real books. I'm far too addicted to my MacBookPro and iPhone and have slacked in reading real books (not kindle/iPad) and want to force myself to do that more. Finally, to lose fewer clothes! I have to develop a system of inventory before leaving a hotel room so I don't leave clothes behind.

To book more than 50% of my flights more than 7 days before they depart. Or more than 25% of flights, as a modest start.

To not hoard miles. I will actually use the airmiles I have, but not actually with the airline on which they were earned.

Rebecca F:
As the parent of a child with autism, I am the first to admit that I tend to overly shelter my four-year-old son. This year, I vow to find more ways to make travel more tolerable to my son, from choosing a long meandering road trip with frequent leg-stretching stops instead of the quickness of a non-stop flight that's more physically restrictive to seeking out the advice of the more well-traveled (cough, Jaunted, cough) for tips on how to give my son the world without encroaching too much on his.

Rebecca W:
To finally make a decent go of learning Spanish. At least enough to reduce the need for pointing during conversations.

To introduce my daughter Lucy (who is four) to other cultures. She's already comfortable with air travel and has flown almost every month since she was born. My job as a flight attendant affords me a lot of time off and I plan on taking advantage of that by renting houses and/or apartments through sites like VRBO.com and spending time in other states and countries.

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