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Tweet at Toronto Airport and They'll Deliver Christmas Carols to an Arriving Flight

Where: Toronto, Canada
December 19, 2011 at 11:25 AM | by | ()

Believe it or not, airlines do like to show they care during the holiday season, some more than others of course. For example, Southwest will snap family photos right at your gate and Virgin Atlantic will be giftwrapping at several airports. Well, add an entire airport into the holiday cheer as Toronto-Pearson International offers to send carolers to meet the flight of your friends or family.

Yes, carolers will serenade the arriving passengers on a flight, if you tweet them to do so. Here's the details:

· The flight must be domestic and arriving to Toronto-Pearson between now and December 24.
· The flight must arrive between 3pm-8pm, except for the 24th when the hours are 6am-11am.
· Tweet @torontopearson with the person's name, flight number and flight date.
· Sit back and wait for the eventual "OMG you are crazy that was crazy" tweet from the friend or family who gets "FA LA LA LA LA" belted at them.

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