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Mile High Speed Dating Hits KLM, But No Joining the Mile High Club

December 19, 2011 at 12:45 PM | by | ()

We admit there have been times that we may have put noise cancelling headphones just to give the illusion of listening to music, warding off fellow passengers' incessant blabbing. There also have been times we've noticed someone that looks interesting—ahem attractive ahem—and wished we could swap seats to get a little closer.

The latter is how KLM prefers to fly, and they'll soon offer passengers the ability to pick their seatmate based on Facebook or Linkedin profiles. By next year, the airline will not only offer a window or aisle preference, but allow customers to view the profile of other passengers, then choose whether or not to sit next to them.

The first red flag we see is the obvious privacy of personal details. Passengers must opt-in to have their social media profile available for other travelers to see. Which means, not everyone will be taking part in this singles bar in the sky. Sigh of relief! It also begs the question; will the aircraft have a cabin area set aside for these passengers who are single and ready to mingle?

The second red flag has to be the mutual agreement for both passengers. We are not too sure if we would be happy to sit next to someone on a long-haul flight that has only seen our photo. What if we don't want to sit next to them? That seems entirely too creepy for us and will surely lead to a different Snakes on a Plane plot-line.

We are all for social media being used for the common good; Malaysia Airlines has also announced a similar tool to find Facebook friends that may be on the same flight. Not too sure how you wouldn't already know that a friend of yours was flying to the same destination...on the same flight, but it seems pretty harmless.

KLM's pairing system may become a fun new way to meet like-minded people while traveling, but it is a probably recipe for disaster. As this video illustrates, we may see an increase in Mile High Club attempts, and that is not a good thing.

[Photo: KLM]

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