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British Airways' Premium Economy Food Gets the Upgrade to Business Class

December 16, 2011 at 4:07 PM | by | ()

Premium Economy gets a little less gross than this recent meal

It was only Wednesday that we were bemoaning our recent ride in British Airways’ premium economy product. One of the many things we objected to in the whole pay-double-the-price, get-nearly-nothing-extra saga was the food. Over the course of our 10.5hr flight to San Diego, we were fed:

· snack cracker things with a gin and tonic

· roast beef dinner (we may not have been able to establish what this was had there not been a label on it telling us it was a beef dinner)

· rubbery pasta salad

· pot of sugar, fat and additives called “cherry creamy delight” that was neither creamy, nor delightful, nor particularly reminiscent of cherries

· inedible sandwich

· p*ss-poor blueberry muffin

So it was with delight that on Thursday, as our stomach was still smarting from the memory, that British Airways announced it’s introducing new in-flight catering. Apparently:

We are currently looking at every aspect of the food and drink we serve onboard and making changes that our customers will certainly notice when it comes to taste. There are areas we can make great improvements in simply by using new ingredients and products like Hereford beef, Drambuie 15 and Artisan du Chocolat chocolates.

Too right, and about bloody time. Don’t get too excited though – these changes won’t apply to economy passengers*. The Hereford beef (along with corn-fed chicken) are for Club World (business), as are the chocolates. Again for Club World, there will be new “morning boost drinks”, an afternoon tea service, Taittinger champagne and Drambuie 15. First class gets Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle.

So far, so standard – we haven’t flown BA Club World in a couple of years, so we don’t know what the food’s currently like. But the big difference is that World Traveller Plus travelers will now get Club World Food.

So that's a pretty huge move on behalf of BA, and a much needed one. Finally! Well done. Now if WTP travelers could also get their own toily, that would also be nice.

*Sorry, we misspoke. Economy passengers will now get to drink Twinings tea. Cos that’s worth booking BA for...

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