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New Cute Animal Obsession: the Coati

December 16, 2011 at 12:20 PM | by | ()

It's official; our favorite cute animal this season has got to be the Coati, a South American dweller of the raccoon family. To spot one, you've got to be hanging out in a lush environment from the southwestern US on down as far as the bottom of Brazil. Lucky you.

Already in the last few months, we've spotted them going about their adorable business of looking for little tarantula and lizards to gobble up, but in two very different places: the Riviera Maya and the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

As with most small, fuzzy wuzzy animals that love to live in the vicinity of tropical resorts, there's almost no danger to you so long as you don't try to pet them or—heaven forbid—make them a pet. The Coati may make you go "awww," but it's best to appreciate them through the lens of your camera. See a closer-up photo of one here.

Because this winter season is the high time for North American travelers to flock south to the warmer homes regions of the little Coati, many more tales of meeting the Coati will probably pop up online, but here's ours—short and sweet: one was leisurely sniffing his way around an all-inclusive resort, we thought it was a cat under the elongated snout became clear, and then we grabbed the camera. The results.

[Photo: Jaunted]

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