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Happy Happy Joy Joy: More In-Flight WiFi for More Airlines

December 15, 2011 at 11:11 AM | by | ()

Two huge bits of in-flight entertainment news dropped this week. Let's sum 'em up:

· Emirates A380s join the In-Flight WiFi bandwagon

Guess the airline with the largest amount of orders for Airbus A380. It's Emirates. Guess the airline with the largest amount of the superjumbo already flying the skies. Again, it's Emirates. Guess the airline that's already got in-flight WiFi on most those babies. Duh, Emirates. Still, the news that passengers may pay up and log on during A380 Emirates flights came in 2010 with the projected log-in date June 2012. They've arrived at their goal a whole seven months early!

The service is OnAir, the same long-haul WiFi provider for Oman Air, TAM, Singapore and more. Pricing begins at $7.50 and is arranged in service bundles of MB. And yes, even First Class will have to pay.

· Virgin Australia to stream content, get in-flight WiFi as well

Meanwhile down under, Virgin Australia continues to be crazy busy bees. There's something new every second with them, luckily all of it positive thus far. The newest announcement concerns their in-flight movies, TV shows and music on planes without current systems, namely the 737-800s.

Our buddies over at Australian Business Traveller have all the details, including the fact that content will arrive to passengers via an onboard network, beaming it to personal mobile devices (your laptop, iPad, phone, etc).

Should you be out of the tech loop, Virgin Aus promises to have some rental tablets onboard, but first-come-first-serve those. Naturally following a system like this comes in-flight WiFi, but they're not totally set up for that yet, since this new content system won't even be up and running until after mid-2012.

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