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Japanese Manga Will Be Yours for the Reading Aboard JAL's 787s

Where: Japan
December 13, 2011 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

We were certainly all pumped up over the arrival of the very first Boeing 787 to All Nippon Airways, but now we’re getting just as enthused over the offerings arriving aboard Japan Airlines’ new bird.

To get everyone in the mood for a little slice of Japan the airline is planning to roll-out in-flight manga—like Japanese comic books—on all 787 flights. There’s going to be like 30 different comics from which to choose, and they’ll all be there for your reading pleasure right in the seatback entertainment screen. The airline is partnering up with Japanese publisher Shogakukan Inc and eBook Initiative Japan Co—just in case those names sound familiar to you.

The only bummer—and it’s a big one, at least to us—is that the comics are only going to be in Japanese. We’re pretty good with our high school Spanish skills—not really—but when it comes to Japanese it’s just not happening. Thankfully the airline is also planning English translations and versions of the unique in-flight entertainment in the future, so you might want to hold off losing your 787 virginity until you can read the manga.

[Photo: Puget Sound - Boeing Test Flights]

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