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Mexico's Interjet Crosses the Border for New Flights to the US

November 8, 2011 at 12:12 PM | by | ()

There’s a new airline getting ready to land in the United States, and if all goes well it’ll save you a few bucks when trying to head south of the border. Interjet is a low-cost carrier based in Mexico, but they’re now planning to expand outside of the country into our backyard.

Their first flights will be a nonstop option between San Antonio and Mexico City, and the plan is to start flying back and forth beginning at the start of December. Flights will run each day of the week with a couple on weekdays, but there will only be single flights doing their thing over the weekend. Obviously the airline is excited about their expansion, so they’re even offering round-trip flights for around $250 to celebrate.

For now this seems to be the only definitive route scheduled to and from the nifty fifty, but we’re kind of assuming that they’re already considering other potential options. If you do decide to fly with them to Mexico be sure to check out their unique frequent flyer program. Rather than collecting miles—or kilometers—for future flights, Interjet actually pays out cash for your loyalty. Every qualifying flight adds ten percent of your airfare total into an electronic wallet, and it sounds like you can use that whenever you want towards your next flight—nifty.

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Archived Comments:

Interjet are really good.

I have actually flown Interjet a few times domestically in Mexico and their service is far superior to any of the other airlines locally (and in the US for that matter). They took out a few rows of seats to make for more legroom *gasp* and hand out nifty bags of chips and a soft drink for free on every flight. Great to see they're expanding!