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Delta Direct to Havana is a Real Thing

November 8, 2011 at 10:32 AM | by | ()

Unfortunately the flights aren’t searchable or bookable through your favorite travel site just yet, but there is another new option for those looking to head to Cuba. It sounds like Delta is the latest carrier to get in on the Cuba travel craze, and they’re working with a Miami-based travel agency to help you get there.

The airline is partnering with Marazul—that's the travel agency—to get passengers the necessary paperwork, passports, and other stamps and seals to get to and from Cuba. Some flights had already been available out of Miami last month, but now there’s plans to do a nonstop flight from New York-JFK right into Havana. If all goes well there will also be an Atlanta option—obviously—beginning this December. If you’re interested, the airfare from New York will set you back around $659, and the flights departing from Atlanta start around $599.

This is great news for those with family or friends residing in the communist country, and it’s also making it easier for those that just want to check out Cuba. However, just remember that you still need to prove why you deserve to visit. Usual reasons involve family or relatives living on the island nation, those with official business, or students getting the okay to do so from Uncle Sam..

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