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A Warm and Fuzzy Story Featuring Cookie Cakes and Southwest Airlines

November 28, 2011 at 10:49 AM | by | ()

Hopefully you’re safely back in town after a weekend of holiday travels, and if you’re lucky you might have even been served a bag of peanuts by one of the best flight attendants around. Apparently she’s been hard at work—and extra friendly—aboard plenty of Southwest Airlines flights, and she’s so nice she even got the airline a customer for life.

On a recent flight, a passenger and his girlfriend were quite impressed with a flight attendant by the name of Holly. It just happened to be a WiFi-enabled flight, so the traveler logged on to Facebook to let Southwest know what a great flight it was. On a whim he suggested that someone meet them at the gate to give Holly a raise, a promotion, or even a burrito from Chipotle. He even agreed to sign a contract pledging to only fly with Southwest Airlines as long as Holly was in charge of passing out the peanuts and serving up smiles.

Well someone at Southwest HQ was listening—just like the time with the steak—and they met the plane at the gate complete with a cookie cake. Of course they also took the passenger and his girlfriend up on the offer, and they also had him sign a promise to fly with the airline that loves free bags for as long as Holly was a flight attendant with the airline.

Nothing like the power of social media—and a pretty cute story—to start off the week. We’re just a little jealous that we didn’t think of this idea first, because we’ve had plenty of great flight attendants across a bunch of different airlines—and we love us some cookie cake!

[Photo: Nuts About Southwest]

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