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London Finally Catches Onto the Street Food Phenomenon...Sort of

November 22, 2011 at 2:38 PM | by | ()

Though a city of tastemakers, London is decidedly behind on the gourmet food truck front. The U.S.-bred phenomenon has yet to catch on with the same fervor as in the States, though there are a handful of British culinarians taking a cue from Roy Choi's book, like the good people of Meatwagon and Street Kitchen.

The Long Table, set to launch this Friday, November 25th, is a fashionable fusion of London's beloved pop-up trend and mobile food. A handful of respected local restaurants and street food purveyors will make weekly appearances in the ever-so-hip neighborhood of Dalston, providing chilly pub hoppers with warm dishes to tide them over, pre- and post-pint.

Among the participants are Yum Bun, serving up pillowy, steamed buns bursting with Asian flavors, Exmouth Market's Moro, and Big Apple Hot Dogs, whose Old Street cart has gained a cult following among locals.

For East Londoners with a discerning palate, this smorgasbord of culinary options is seemingly heaven sent. One downside: the pop-up is outdoors, so make sure to bundle up accordingly as the city heads into the dreary dregs of winter. Bring a scarf and be prepared to endure lines and drift about a sea of thick-spectacled hipsters to get your share of the booze-padding fare.

[Photo: The Long Table]

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