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Bust Out the Ugly Sweater! Southwest Will Snap Holiday Photos at the Airport

November 2, 2011 at 2:58 PM | by | ()

Halloween is now officially over, so that’s means it’s time for Christmas. Sure there’s Thanksgiving—and a lot of shopping—to do first, but in the minds of retailers and marketers the holidays have more than arrived. It’s true for Southwest Airlines and Microsoft, as the two are again joining together to snap plenty of holiday photographs at an airport near you.

Beginning on December 13, the airline and Windows are teaming up to offer free holiday photos at 21 different airports around the country. That means that along with dealing with flight delays, expensive fares, and assorted fees, you’ll also have to bring along an ugly seasonal sweater to make your holiday complete.

It’s not just annoying family photos either, as there will also be plenty of giveaways. Unfortunately it’s Microsoft and Windows related prizes, so that means there’s no iPads or iPods to be had—but we still wouldn’t complain about a new Windows 7 computer or a year of free travel aboard Southwest Airlines.

Once your picture is taken there will be all kinds of chances to edit, manipulate, and change your photos right at the airport kiosk. You can print them out right there to share with your seatmate, or log on later to send them to yourself and your pals. For the full list of locations and where to find them head over here, but until then keep looking for that Santa hat and reindeer headband.

[Photo: Southwest/Microsoft/Sony]

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