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Florence Airport Is Somewhat Smaller Than You'd Expect

Where: Florence, Italy
November 18, 2011 at 1:59 PM | by | ()

Cute, right? Airy, pretty area of check in at Florence Airport?

Well yes, it is pretty, and cute, and airy. But what might surprise you is that this is Florence’s airport pretty much in its entirety.

Yup, one of the main tourist hubs of Italy has a teeny tiny gateway if you come by air. Welcome to Florence Peretola (FLR), which is fabulously close to town (about three miles from Santa Maria Novella) but also dinky in the extreme.

This is the entire check in area; downstairs there’s this, a bar, a newsagents and two other shops. Through the gates, there’s another café and a couple of other shops. Then some chairs by the (very few) gates.

Having said that, it was a really easy airport to get through - both on the way in and the way out - and staff were charming. It's not their fault that our Meridiana flight was delayed so we ended up reading a novel from start to finish during a four hour wait there with nothing else to do (no WiFi apart from in the business class lounges - fail).

But hey, when it's just a quick 10-minute taxi ride to the city center, small really is beautiful. We're certainly not complaining.

Just get there as late as possible when you check in.

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